Odyssey Gen 2 Replacement Dish


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This dish is a replacement dish for the odyssey enail, generation 2 dish assembly.  It replaces the older 1 piece ceramic dish, with the adapter side in ceramic, which secured to the adapters. Gen 2 system is a 3 piece dish set up that will replace the first generation dish.  If you have recently purchased an odyssey, you likely have the Generation 2 dish assembly.  If you have a dish with a ceramic top screw, and adapters secure into a  stainless tube, you have Gen2 system.  This dish is a replacement for that.

Older Odyssey’s would need the complete generation 2 system to replace the older style. See Odyssey Gen 2 system, for complete 3 piece set up which includes the dish, ceramic top screw, and stainless body.  Once you have the 3 piece dish set up, these dishes can be easily replaced with this product.

Unsure about which version you have, please contact us to get correct replacement parts.

1 x Odyssey Gen 2 Ceramic Dish


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