Odyssey Enail Top Ceramic Screw


Replacement Top Screw for Newest Odyssey Dish.  Requires Dish and Stainless Sleeve to secure correctly.  Will not work for other styles of enails, just the Odyssey Enail.

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Replacement Top Ceramic Screw for Odyssey Enail.

These screws hold down the dish and secure it in place with the newest version of the Odyssey Dish.  Secure the new dish in place with the top screw finger tight only and enjoy flavors again with your new dish.   This is for 1 x Ceramic Top Screw Only For Odyssey Enail.  Complete Odyssey Dish 3 Piece Replacement available as a different product listed.

Includes 1 x Odyssey Enail Ceramic Top Screw.

*Top Screw Not Designed for Hybrid Enail.

Newest design of Odyssey Dish includes a stainless sleeve which connects to adapters for a more durable fit, without wearing down ceramic threading.  Secured by this ceramic top screw to hold the newest dish in place.  Older Odyssey Enails will have to upgrade to the 3 piece set up when a new dish is required.  Older Odyssey Dishes with Ceramic Threading are no longer available.

Contact us if any questions or help inserting the new odyssey dish components.


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