Milky Way Electric Kit


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*As of August 16th, we will no longer be offering complete kits of the Milky Way. Parts will still be available, unfortuntely, we will not be getting the glass.  However, we may know a shop with products in stock, we may be able to steer you towards them or have one shipped. Just inquire and we’ll see what we can do to get you set up. 

Our Take on the Nector Collectors, the Milky Way.  These two piece glass pieces are designed for easy cleaning. Complete Kits include our Milky Way, Colored Glass, XLR temperature controller, power cord, coiled heater, 2 ceramic 14mm tips, and a travel case.  These water cooled, nectar collector style enails, provide smooth hits and great tastes.  Get your complete kit today and see where it will take you.  We also provide parts separately to make your existing nector collector electric.   *Color and patter may vary between units and pictures shown.


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