Hybrid Ceramic Top Screw


Replacement Hybrid Ceramic Top Screw for our Titanium Hybrid 6 in 1 adapter and for Galaxy Enail Hybrid Kits only.  These will secure your Quartz Coated Ceramic Dish or Quartz Dish. Finger tighten only.

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Hybrid Ceramic Top Screw, secure your Hybrid dish to the titanium adapter securely.  These ceramic screws just need to be turned finger tight only, and make any adjustments needed over time as heat and expansion may slightly loosen screw.

Order 1 piece and have it shipped for $9.99.

Available in Ceramic Only.

If you would like to order more than one, or order other items, contact us, by email or the contact us feature on this website, and we will adjust pricing for you, or issue a credit if order has been placed.


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