All of us here at Galaxy Enails strive for excellence in all we do and we wanted to share some comments that our customers have sent to us as well as some Product Reviews.  For Galaxy, the name of the game is to produce a high quality product made here in the USA and to provide exceptional customer service before and after the sale.  These goals are only met by starting with a great concept and developing it into a great product that is coupled with a team of dedicated employees that put the customers first.

Check out some of the Experiences that others have had with Galaxy Enails:

“You guys are amazing and fast! I can’t see ever wanting another Enail! I have had some bad luck but you guy are so good it was like a small bump in the road! You honor your warranties with extreme care and speed that snails a jimmy John commercial! if there’s a link that I can leave a review on please send that to me if you want me to tell everyone how great your company really has been to me! Galaxy = no worries!  So grateful with much love to Galaxy Enails and all your employees who make a great product and obviously a great team that must work like a machine!
Sorry I went on and on, I am very impressed with the way you do business and the product you make ! makes the old school way a pop can in the dust! ( ever smoke with a pop can? to dry smoke of course)
peace and love! “

Cannabis Nurses Magazine – September / October Issue:

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE,
went ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! You came through for ME!, I was facing a long holiday weekend,
without the use of your product, (which I enjoy beyond words), for the long, Labor Day Weekend. I
am sure EVERYONE knows this weekend signifies the end of Summer and all the joys that come
with it- when you Bryan went out of your way and provided me SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, which
one doesn’t see in this automated age. The result is Bryan, not only has your company had me sold on
it’s quality, but YOUR SERVICE- has won Galaxy a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. I am a 20+ yr. retired, Silicon
Valley, high tech salesman. I can say I have dealt with the likes of many technical INDUSTRY GIANTS,
and I can count on ONE HAND, the number that I can say that about. BRAVO BRYAN, BRAVO GALAXY!!!”


“Thank you for making a superior product with a great warranty and customer service! I can’t wait for it to arrive home! ”

“What’s Up Bryan. Wanted to express my gratitude and thank you for the awesome customer service brother. You guys really do take care and care for your customers. I am beyond satisfied. Hope you and the Galaxy Enail team all have a blessed summer!”

“Awesome service.  I had an issue and they handled it right away.  How often does that happen in this industry?  You guys are hands down the best company I have ever worked with.”

“I can honestly say that I have never experienced taste like this.  My buddies came over and we could not believe what a difference it made.  Keep up the good work and if you need me to test anything for you – just let me know!!”

“This thing is unbelievable!  Stays at the perfect temp no matter what I put on it.”

“Thank you very much we received our new nail. We love it and you! Thank you again sir.”

“I just recently bought your product and I am more then pleased with this nail. I just finally got sick of the torch and decided to get a nail. With much research and time, I bought your product. I am so glad I did. The nail is easy to use, easy to clean, gives nice clean hits. I’m just so glad I bought your product and I wanted to share. I will register it tonight, I’ve been well… Busy :). This is by far the best nail I’ve used. The only thing i would warn others of, is it possibly getting to high. 🙂 “

 “I would like to start by saying this is by far the best enail I’ve owned(out of 3).”

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